The Submitter alleges that Peru has not effectively enforced the “Convention on Wetlands of International Importance, Especially as Waterfowl Habitat,” also known as the Ramsar Convention. The Submitter considers that “the Peruvian State has established measures that attempt against said multilateral treaty.”

Date: July 5, 2018
State: Closed
Party: Peru
Submitter: Comité Interinstitucional por la Conservación y el Turismo Laguna Alto Perú y Anexos – Cuenca Jequetepeque.
Last update: January 11, 2019

Author: Submitter
Date: July 9, 2018

Acknowledgment of receipt
Author: Secretariat
Fecha: July 9, 2018

Determination SACA-SEEM/PE/002/2018/D1
Author: Secretariat
Date: December 28, 2018