File a Submission

Any organization or person from Peru or the United States may file a Submission on Environmental Enforcement Matters for consideration.

These are the steps to file a submission:

  1. Identify the environmental law that is presumably not being effectively enforced by the United States or Peru.
  2. Verify that the competent authorities have been previously informed and gather the evidence that demonstrates it.
  3. Complete the submission (access the online form HERE or download it).
  4. Clearly identify who is the submitter (s): full name, nationality, identity document and postal address. The application must be submitted by one person (or several) or organization of Peru or the United States.
  5. Clearly describe the facts and reasons why one of the Parties is considered not to be effectively enforcing its environmental law.
  6. Indicate whether the matter has been communicated to the authorities of the Party and the response received.
  7. Gather and attach the evidence that supports the request: letters, reports, videos, photographs, among others.

The submissions can be presented:

Online or via email Completing the online form or sending it to:

Hardcopy Submissions: At the following address:

Secretariat for Submissions on Environmental Enforcement Matters

Attention: Martha Aldana, Executive Director

Organization of American States
1889 F Street, Suite 717
Washington D.C., 20006
United States