Factual Records

Factual Records

For the preparation of a Factual Record, the Secretariat will consider any information provided by a Party and may consider any technical, scientific and other relevant information:

(a) that is publicly available;

(b) presented by interested persons;

(c) presented by national advisory or advisory committees;

(d) developed by independent experts; or,

(e) developed in accordance with the Environmental Cooperation Agreement.

Submission: Law 30723 – Border zones law

Submission SACA-SEEM/PE/002/2018

Submitter: Federación Nativa Del Río Madre De Dios y Afluentes – FENAMAD

Instruction to publish Factual Record: September 2, 2020

Publication of Factual Record: September 8, 2020


Submission: Law of Sulfur Content in Diesel

Submission: SACA-SEEM/PE/002/2019

Submitter: Names are kept confidential in accordance with Article 8 of the Understanding for Implementing Article 18.8 of the United States – Peru Trade Promotion Agreement

Instruction to publish Factual Record: December, 2022

Publication of Factual Record: December, 2022